Silvia Knoll

Silvia is living in Vienna and is our patient advocate for Austria. Being educated as a clinical and health psychologist, she has made her career in the pharmaceutical industry where she currently works as Medical Scientific Liaison in the field of hematology.

In March 2022, Silvia faced the diagnosis de novo secondary lobular breast cancer. After regaining a reasonable amount of physical strength and emotional wellbeing, she felt the need to become engaged in patient advocacy.

Silvia has a sound vision for making a positive and sustainable difference for the ILC community. Her goal is to raise awareness for the unique characteristics and unmet medical needs of ILC. By promoting networks between clinicians and researchers within Austria, as well as fostering international collaboration, she advocates for advances in basic and translational ILC research. She is a strong believer of “empowerment by knowledge” which she views as an essential prerequisite for acquiring self-advocacy skills by patients.

Silvia partners with the Austrian Cancer Society and various breast cancer initiatives in order to have ILC integrated into their agendas and educate a broad audience on the disease.

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