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The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance works to advance invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) research, refine treatments and improve patient care.
links-thumb-1.jpg Breast Cancer Now A UK charity providing world-class research and life-changing care for people affected by breast cancer
europadonna.jpg Europa Donna Raising awareness of breast cancer and mobilizing the support of European women in breast cancer education, screening, treatment and increased funding for research.
links-thumb-1.jpg Rolo trial A Crizotinib-based clinical trial in Lobular Breast, Diffuse Gastric and Triple Negative Lobular Breast Cancer or CDH1-mutated Solid Tumors. 
NKI-Logo-Quadrat-1024x1024.jpg GELATO trial A lobular breast-cancer specific immunotherapy trial investigating the response to an immunotherapy + chemotherapy medication combination. This phase 2 trial is open to metastatic lobular breast cancer patients.